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Buying Tips

What you need to know

The type of property you buy should reflect the purpose of the purchase and the lifestyle you are planning for your future. Will you be living in or renting out the property?

If moving in, consider the following:

  •      Household numbers and whether they will change.
  •      The needs of each person in the household now and in several years time.
  •      The sorts of local amenities required and how close they should be.
  •      The sorts of work and leisure activities in which you engage.
  •      The length of time you expect to live in the home.
  •      The features you want in the home, in order of importance.

Think about these questions and discuss them with anyone else who should be involved. Priorities are important because you may need to compromise on some points. Jotting down the answers will produce a checklist of your real future needs, which can become your guide to the sort of property you buy and where you buy it. To assist you with the process, download a copy of our Property Wishlist Checklist.

It is important to understand that real estate agents are engaged by the seller. They work for their clients, the sellers, to get the best price possible for their properties and to sell them as quickly as possible. However, whilst owners are their clients, buyers are their customers and it is the agent’s business to match them up. This means finding the ideal property in the price range you can afford.

Knowing what you can afford

As a buyer, you need to do some research into what you want and what you can afford. The team at the Loan Market can help you establish your borrowing capacity. They have access to hundreds of home loan products from most major banks and lenders. In just one FREE home loan consultation, they can tell you exactly how much you can borrow from a range of banks. They can also provide an overview of any fees and charges associated with your loan.

To arrange a FREE home loan consultation with your local lending manager contact your local Ray White office or go to Home Loans.

Knowing what’s available
There are thousands of properties being offered on the market so if you ’ve worked out what you really want and can afford, you’ve got a head start.

Newspapers are a good place to begin. The Internet is fantastic. Simply go to our property search facility and browse your way through hundreds of properties that suit your individual criteria, some even have virtual tours.
Visiting particular suburbs and looking in agents’ windows or asking for their ‘open home lists’ is also a great way to find out what’s available.

Then, start going to some open homes and auctions. Soon you will get a feel for what is available, the number of buyers in the market (demand) and what different properties are worth. Before long you will feel ready to buy.

Get the right advice

The legal aspects of purchasing a home vary across countries and states and it is recommended that you investigate the specific requirements in your area. On most occasions a contract of sale and the certificates that accompany it must be provided by the seller and set out the details of the property you will buy. The amount of information a seller is required to give you about their property and any relevant matters also varies, so some important information may need to be requested by you. In these circumstances, it is best that you seek professional legal advice.

With the right amount of research and preparation, you’ll be sure to find the property to suit your needs in no time. And, remember, if you need more information on buying, selling or managing property there is no better point of contact than your local Ray White Real Estate office. Happy house hunting!

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