Joseph Aknar

Sales Consultant

Joseph Aknar’s creative approach and thoroughly consultative manner have formed the bedrock for a prosperous and successful career in the intensely competitive metropolitan market. Joseph strives to provide unrivaled customer experiences while also building lasting relationships and looking after every and all clients. Joseph leaves no stone unturned when assisting in selling your most prized asset.

Joseph believes that communication is one of the most important factors in real estate and he constantly provides clients with sound advice about their prospects. Known in the industry for maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, he knows that it takes a certain amount of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to be able to adapt to each and every client’s personal needs all while maintaining the discipline to achieving the best result.

Joseph’s reputation as a proven performer in the Real Estate Industry with high degrees of difficulty, is your assurance of experience, professionalism and total dedication to your needs managed in confidence with highest professional manner, with business and negotiation skills that are matched by his tenacity:
 - For providing unrivaled service and success for all clients;
 - Locating suitable properties for all clients and providing opportunities to suit clients   business and personal needs;
 - Balancing professionally negotiated terms acceptable to both vendor and purchaser.

Confident and determined, Joseph’s strong work ethic and knowledge of the property market is an ideal fit for servicing all your needs. A young and driven leader within the real estate industry, Joseph raises professional standards and embraces innovative ways of serving his clients which is something that Joseph strongly believes in.

“24/7 Client commitment with industry adding value.”

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